About Jo Lesley Glass Art

 Jo Lesley Glass Art is based in the small Northamptonshire village of Overstone. I lovingly hand craft stained & fused glass items for the home and garden. All my life I have admired glass art work, but never had the oportunity to have a go for myself. For my 40th birthday my lovely husband surprised me with a space on a stained class course. From that day on, I have never looked back. Here we are over 10 years on, and what started as a hobby, is now my full time career. I am so lucky to work everyday doing something that I love and am passionate about. I really enjoy working with the different colours and textures that glass has to offer. Due to the nature of the glass the possibilites are endless each sheet is slightly different so no two items are ever exactly the same. I am always keen to learn new techniques so I can add new depths to my work.

 I offer a range of ready made and made to order items as well as commission pieces.

As well as on this website my work can also be found for sale through events and some local shops.


I also run a few classes each year for beginners to experience the joys of working with glass. 


I am a great lover of animals and nature and much of my inspiration is drawn from those passions. You will often see my soppy labrador asleep in the studio with me and my sadly now tail less cat mooching around.


Fused GLass Cottage Garden on Oak Stand